The Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko is a national, chartered philanthropic institution dedicated to the preservation, promotion and development of the Ukrainian Canadian cultural heritage and to the advancement of a flourishing Ukrainian community for the enrichment of Canada by providing leadership in building and sustaining a permanent endowment fund.


The Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta has been a  foundational part in an inspiring story stretching over 100 years. As a result of a century of adapting and growing with change, the Faculty of Arts has become a diverse, inclusive faculty – a place for any individual to thrive or idea to be explored within the fine arts, humanities and social sciences disciplines.

The Archives Society of Alberta provides the tools and resources necessary to preserve Alberta’s documentary heritage.

The Archives Society of Alberta strives to create a cohesive and engaged community by providing its members with the opportunities for professional assistance, continuing education, awareness initiatives, online presence and other services that the provincial archival community requires to assist the people of Alberta, Canada, and the world in experiencing the province’s unique archival heritage.

The Provincial Archives of Alberta preserves and makes available private and government records of all media related to the province, and serves as the permanent archival repository of the Government of Alberta. Archival records contribute to the collective memory and sense of Alberta identity for present and future generations.


The Friends of the Provincial Archives of Alberta Society is an incorporated, non-profit organization created in 1991 to support the ongoing work of the Provincial Archives of Alberta by:

  • Assisting the Provincial Archives in acquiring, preserving and making its collections accessible
  • Fostering an awareness and appreciation of the Provincial Archives and the documentary heritage it preserves
  • Promoting and supporting programs and services at the Provincial Archives

The objectives of Alberta Ukrainian Commemorative Society which was registered in 1980 and is under the patronage of the Ukrainian Canadian Committee, are to commemorate events of historical and cultural significance; to educate, promote and foster an appreciation for the Ukrainian heritage; and to relieve poverty and to promote and encourage national and international aid and development. 


The Alberta Ukrainian Heritage Foundation is a not-for–profit corporation.  Its general objective is to assist in sustaining, promoting, and disseminating the Ukrainian Canadian and Ukrainian heritages in Canada and in Ukraine.  It does this primarily by providing financial assistance to organizations, institutions and individuals that are already providing programs/activities/events/projects with Ukrainian Canadian and/or Ukrainian content—which are elaborated in the Foundation’s “Memorandum of Association.”


Alberta Kontakt is a television network that features Ukrainian-Canadian topics.