Committee Co-Chairs:

Maryna Chernyavska and Irene Jendzjowsky

Committee Members:

Jars Balan

Oleksandr Pankieiev

Lynnien Pawluk

Jelena Pogosjan

Viktoriya Yakovlyeva

Special thanks go to Lynnien Pawluk who has taken care of every organizational detail to ensure the conference runs smoothly and everyone has the most pleasant and memorable experience.



The Kule Folklore Centre aspires to become the most important centre for the study of Ukrainian culture outside of Ukraine.

Five strategic priorities have been identified which will be prominent in the Centre’s profile:

  • Conduct ground breaking research in Ukrainian and Canadian folklore studies
  • Maintain and grow the Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives
  • Support undergraduate and graduate courses in Ukrainian folklore and vernacular culture
  • Support researchers and students with scholarships and awards
  •  Engage with diverse communities through publications, exhibits, lectures, workshops and more.

The Kule Folklore Centre is permanently endowed through the generous gifts of Peter and Doris Kule, the Wasyl and Anna Kuryliw family, Erast Huculak, Bohdan Medwidsky and many other visionary community leaders.



The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) is a prominent centre of Ukrainian studies outside Ukraine and an integral part of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta. Founded in 1976, it provides an institutional home for Ukrainian scholarship in Canada. CIUS is dedicated to the development of Ukrainian studies in Canada and supports such studies internationally.

CIUS consists of a number of centres, programs, and projects whose activities range from research to publishing, developing materials for Ukrainian-language education, organizing conferences, lectures, and seminar series, and awarding graduate and undergraduate scholarships and research grants. Our Institute also contributes to the Canadian government’s cooperation with Ukraine and to the cultural and educational development of community groups in Canada by providing specialists and resources for their activities.




The Society of Friends of the Ukrainian Folklore Centre is a non-profit society that was established to support the work of the Ukrainian Folklore Centre (Ukrainian Folklore Programme) at the University of Alberta. The Friends actively publicize the activities of the Centre, increase community awareness and raise funds for future projects. The organization has produced a video highlighting Ukrainian Culture studies at the University of Alberta as well as promote outreach in the community.


We would like to especially thank our volunteers who contributed their time, work, and passion to help us make this conference a success:

Nataliya Bezborodova

Eric Fincham

Liljana Gulcev

Ashley Halko-Addley

Kateryna Kod

Ksenia Maryniak

Peter Melnycky

Michelle Tracy