Friday, 11 May 2018


Myron Momryk – Library and Archives Canada (retired)

  • Ukrainian Archives in Canada: Contemporary Problems and Solutions

 Panel 1

Managing Documentary Heritage: Perspectives and Pitfalls

ChairTom Anderson

Braden Cannon – Provincial Archives of Alberta

  • Preserving Communities

Krista Jamieson – University of Alberta Archives

  • Digital Archiving: A Reality Check

Irene Jendzjowsky – Provincial Archives of Alberta (retired)

  • Copyright and Privacy: A Balancing Act for Archivists

Panel 2

The Archivist’s Mission: Acquire, Preserve and Make Available

Chair: Myron Momryk

Tom Anderson – Provincial Archives of Alberta

  • Ukrainian Archival Heritage at the Provincial Archives of Alberta

James Kominowski – University of Manitoba Libraries and Archives

  • A Look at the Origins and Growth of the University of Manitoba’s Archives of the Ukrainian Canadian Experience

Andrew Chernevych – Galt Museum and Archives

  • Off the Beaten Path: Ukrainian-Canadian Records in Southern Alberta


Saturday, 12 May 2018 

 Round table

Community Archives and Community Archiving

Chairs: Andriy Nahachewsky & Maryna Chernyavska

Andrij Makuch – Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (Toronto)

  • The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies and Archives: A Personal and Institutional Perspective

Vivian Skakun & Kathy Buchanan – Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada (Edmonton)

  • Challenges of Obtaining, Storing and Uncovering Existing Archives within the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada-Alberta Provincial Executive (UWAC-APE) and Branches

Karen Lemiski – Basilian Fathers Museum in Mundare

  • Basilian Fathers Museum in Mundare Archival Collections

Aleksandr Makar – Ukrainian Canadian Archives and Museum of Alberta

  • Archival Holdings of the Ukrainian Canadian Archives and Museum of Alberta

Lesia Perritt – Ukrainian  Women’s Association of Canada

  • The 1940s War Effort of the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada

 Panel 3   

Archival Continuity Between the Past and the Future

Chair: Irene Jendzjowskyj   

Chrystia Kolos – Ukrainian Canadian Resource and Documentation Centre

  •  Oral History Archival Holdings of UCRDC

Oleksandr Pankieiev & Viktoriya Yakovlyeva – Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies

  •  The Challenges of Building an Institutional Archive: CIUS Digital Archives Project

Kateryna Kod & Maryna Chernyavska – Kule Folklore Centre/Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives

  • Research Archives: Documenting Culture & Traditions

Panel 4

Researchers for Archives, Archives for Researchers

Chair: Jelena Pogosjan

Mark Minenko – King’s College London

  • Searching Unusual Places: Beyond ‘Ukrainian’ Fonds

Aleksandra Hnatiuk – Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

  • Vladimir J. Kaye – Kysilewsky’s Collection as an Important Source for Studies on International Context of Ukrainian Issue During Interwar Period

Andriy Nahachewsky – University of Alberta

  • A Researcher Perspective on Ukrainian Immigration Narratives in Canadian Archives

Radomir Bilash – Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

  • “Who’s going to care about this?”: The Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Research Program Collection

Panel 5

Preserving Individual and Collective Memories

Chair: Jars Balan 

 Lesia Savedchuk – Mykola Woron Library and Archives, Calgary 

  • ‘Operation OPAC’ – Bringing the Mykola Woron Library and Archives in Calgary into the 21 st century

Winston Gereluk – Ukrainian Cultural Centre

  • Archival Sources and History of the Ukrainian Canadian Working Class

Andriy Sawchuk – Independent researcher

  • Interpreting Our Past through the Ukrainian Canadian Committee Archive


Sunday, 13 May 2018

 Panel 6 

Sanctuary: The Spiritual Heritage Documentation Project

Chair: Serge Cipko

Natalie Kononenko – University of Alberta

  • International Categories and Ukrainian Data

Lina Ye – University of Alberta

  • Sanctuary Project: Interview Indexation

Daria Polianska – University of Alberta

  • Practical Issues of Indexing Files for the Sanctuary Project

Ashley Halko-Addley – University of Alberta

  • Generating a Website for the General Public

Panel 7 

Support Systems for Preservation of Documentary Heritage

Chair: Andrea Kopylech

Rene Georgopalis – Archives Society of Alberta

  • Archival Councils in Canada

Andrew Hladyshevsky – Shevchenko Foundation

  • Shevchenko Foundation Heritage Program

Lydia Migus –  Ukrainian Canadian Congress

  • Museums, Archives and Research Institutions Network 

Maryna Chernyavska – Kule Folklore Centre

  •  Sustainable Ukrainian Canadian Heritage: Education, Network & Access